Jewelry Repair Service in Sedalia, MO

Jewelry Repair Service in Sedalia, MO

Your everyday or heirloom jewelry deserves the best of care

It can be difficult to find the right jewelry repair professional to consult when your pieces are broken, but rest assured that Reed & Sons Jewelers in Sedalia will not disappoint. We offer jewelry repair services for a wide range of jewelry – we can repair just about any of your fine jewelry items, except for watches.

At Reed & Sons Jewelers, our Sedalia goldsmiths have the knowledge and techniques necessary to repair your items. In fact, we will repair all types of jewelry except watches. Our repair services include:

• Sizing
• Resetting the stone
• Cleaning and polishing

We strive to impress you by employing a superior overall process and delivering a beautiful finished result. We provide our valued customers with up-front quotes on repair work before we get started.

If you have broken jewelry pieces that need to be repaired, turn to Reed & Sons Jewelers. Call us today with questions, or bring your items in for us to examine.